Paladins Global Series/2018 Season/CIS/Phase 6

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2018 CIS PGS Phase 6
Tournament Information
OrganizerStar Ladder
FormatSingle Elimination
Location & Dates
CountryCommonwealth of Independent States Commonwealth of Independent States
Start Date2018-02-12
End Date2018-02-26


The 2018 CIS PGS Phase 6 is the first phase of the Paladins Global Series second season. Teams will play in 3 weeks of open bracket, where the top 8 qualify for the final week.


  • 4 weeks of play
  • Single Elimination
  • Each set is best of three, except for the semifinals and finals (best of five)
  • First 3 weeks of Open Bracket will determine qualification and seeding of Final Week
  • Final Week winner is Phase 6 Champion

Prize Pool

$ 3,500 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (%) Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1 42.86% $ 1,500 ChromaSpacelogo std.pngChromaSpace
Silver.png 2 20% $ 700 Logo std.pngBad Imagination
SF.png 3-4 10% $ 350 FiascoBroslogo std.pngFiascoBros
Logo std.pngInception
QF.png 5-8 4.29% $ 150 Logo std.pngBlack Hole
Logo std.pngBulwark
Logo std.pngJNT eSports
Logo std.pngWarrior Di 40


Final Week Teams

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Final Week Results