Roster Swaps/2019 Preseason/CIS

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Confirmed Changes

Player Date Left From Date Joined To
Inefableee 2018-11-27 Armadalogo std.png DamageLanePick.png 2019-01-10 All Businesslogo std.png DamageLanePick.png
madaarra 2018-11-27 Armadalogo std.png DamageLanePick.png 2019-01-27 PACCBETlogo std.png DamageLanePick.png
PleaseDo 2018-??-?? Armadalogo std.png FrontLineLanePick.png 2019-01-27 PACCBETlogo std.png FrontLineLanePick.png
Coireal 2018-11-27 Armadalogo std.png FrontLineLanePick.png 2019-01-10 ChromaSpacelogo std.png FrontLineLanePick.png
Eckozzz 2018-11-27 Armadalogo std.png FrontLineLanePick.png Free Agentlogo std.pngFree Agent
Ovimm 2018-11-26 Armadalogo std.png SupportLanePick.png 2019-01-06 ClownFiestalogo std.png FrontLineLanePick.png
NELUBKA 2018-11-18 Armadalogo std.png SupportLanePick.png Free Agentlogo std.pngFree Agent


Date Status Player From To